La luna mora - Guaro

La Luna Mora in Guaro near Coín (Málága)

Romantic oriental bazaar: mix of Moorish, Jewish and Christian influences

One of the most enjoyable festivals on the Costa del Sol is ‘La Luna Mora‘ in the village of Guaro near Coín (Málága). The whole village is transformed into a romantic oriental bazaar on the first weekend of September, attracting thousands of people every year. This festival revolves around the three cultures that shaped Andalusia in the Middle Ages: it is a mix of Moorish, Jewish and Christian influences.

Candlelight creates a fairy-tale atmosphere

When it is dark in the evening, this mountain village is lit only by thousands of candles, some 25,000 of them. These are placed along the houses at the end of the afternoon and lit around 6pm. The next morning, everything is neatly cleared away again, by the same boys and girls who placed the candles.

Oriental market and exhibitions

Artisans from all over the world sell their products; from spices and soap to jewellery and lamps, you name it. There are also artists’ exhibitions, workshops and, of course, shops are open.

Eating and drinking in Moorish style

Of course, this festival is no stranger to culinary delights. In the evening, stalls selling tapas, wine and oriental dishes and Moorish-style coffee and tea bars with cosy terraces are everywhere.

Auditoria de la Luna Mora

A Spanish festival without music and dance is not really a festival. That’s why you see a lot of street theatre and dance and music performances. Especially for this festival, one of Malaga province’s largest open-air theatres, the Auditorio de la Luna Mora, was opened in Guaro in 2010. There are over 1,800 seats here. During ‘La Luna Mora’, the theatre hosts concerts by well-known Spanish artists. Even legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia has performed here. And fusion artists such as Pablo Alborán and Diana Navarro were invited. Tickets must be bought for some concerts, but there are also activities that are free to attend.

Beautiful surroundings

Just 10 kilometres from Coín is Guaro, in the valley of the river Guadalhorce. The landscape is hilly and consists mainly of almond and olive trees. The village is easily accessible by car. In short, from Finca La Toronja you can enjoy the surroundings as well as the many fun festivals held nearby.

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