Meer dan 40 processies tijdens Semana Santa in Málaga

More than 40 processions during Semana Santa in Málaga

During the holy week before Easter better known as “Semana Santa,” more than 40 processions can be admired in Málaga. In Andalusia, they are the most important celebrations of the year.

During the processions, the Passion story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated. This story is depicted with the images of a Christ or a Mary on the great thrones (tronos).

Malaga is taken over during Holy Week by thousands of people who want to see celebrations with their own eyes.

Fraternities in Malaga

An important and prestigious role is played by the brotherhoods (Cofradías) and Malaga has as many as 40 of them.

During a procession, fraternity members will wear a ‘trono’ dressed in long robes with their recognizable own colors. With the ‘trono’ they walk through the streets and the center of Malaga. Each procession has its own route depending on the church of the fraternity but one thing they all have in common they go through the Alameda Principal and from here through Calle Marqués de Larios. They will also all touch the grandstand in Plaza de la Constitucion. Some processions last more than 7 hours as a result.

The tronos in Malaga range from a few thousand kilos to over 5,000 kilos of the Virgen de la Esperanza, the heaviest trono with as many as 250 bearers.

Along the narrow streets, curves, curbs require much concentration, cooperation and the necessary skill of the porters. The bearers spend hours carrying the heavy throne on their shoulders. It is a form of penance.

In front of the tronos, the overseer (capatraz) walks and directs the bearers. He signals with a bell for a rest and the continuation.

The tronos are preceded by so-called penitents or Nazarenos. They are identified by their long pointed hats. However, the pointed hats conceal the identity of the penitents, who are thus unrecognizable to the public.

Some highlights during Semana Santa or Holy Week

Most processions are on Palm Sunday, normally 9 of them. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are the most popular days. This is because of the biblical significance of these days and the special processions on these days.

Palm Sunday

Antonio Banderas walks in the procession of his fraternity Lagrimas y Favores every year, until recently also as a bearer.
He carried during the procession the “Trono de la Virgen de Lágrimas y Favores,” the Virgin of Tears and Favors.

Maundy Thursday

From Melilla, the “La Legion” arrived in the port of Malaga. Marching, the unit with singing soldiers passes by. A goat, the mascot of La Legion, accompanies them.During the procession, the soldiers sing the “Novio de la Muerte” (Bridegroom of Death). This procession is a huge crowd pleaser.

Good Friday

In the night is the last procession of Servitas. A special experience. The lights in the historic center are turned off. The candlelight of the procession provides a special illumination.

Easter Sunday

One last procession, but with the members of all affiliated brotherhoods together.

Semana Santa in Malaga, Coín or other Andalusian villages and cities it will make a great impression on you.

Finca La Toronja is ideally located to experience the processions in Coín. About ten minutes on foot to the old center. However, if you prefer to experience the processions in Málaga, you have to park your car outside the center such as at Plaza Mayor and take public transport.

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