2 white villages close to Coín

Discover Monda and Guaro, 2 white villages close to Coín in Andalusia

Guaro and Monda, 2 white villages (pueblos blancos) close to Coín each with their own attractions.

Monda, a picturesque southern Spanish white village

After just a 10-minute drive, you reach the beautiful white village of Monda from your Bed & Breakfast Finca La Toronja in Coín. In 1971, Monda was given the unique title of ‘picturesque place’. The magic of this place and the unique attractiveness of this pueblo blanco will take you back in time.

During a walk through the historic centre of the white village of Monda, you will regularly be surprised and everywhere you will discover interesting details such as engravings on the walls of the houses, or above doors and windows.

Typical Andalusian old (drinking) fountains

During your walk through Monda, you will pass many old (drinking water) fountains where you can still quench your thirst. Some fountains were used by local women to wash their clothes by hand.

Monuments around Monda

Just outside Monda is an important Andalusian monument: ‘El Cavario’. This is an altar built in the 17th century. It is made of special hardened clay that has been washed all white. It was finished with three crosses.

The many openings in the structure of ‘El Cavario’ feature all kinds of different shapes and colours. They seem to keep changing under the influence of time of day and light. Not far from ‘El Cavario’ is also a well-preserved part of a Roman road.

Monda has a strategic location within Andalusia

Monda has a very strategic location halfway between the valley and the mountains. The beautiful white village is surrounded by terraces with various fruits and vegetables and large plots of agricultural land. This enhances the ‘white’ appearance of this pueblo blanco.

Monda’s castle stands high above the valley, allowing you to enjoy the wide surroundings. This strategic location gives you fantastic views of the beautiful Andalusian Guadalhorce valley.

Guaro – Sustainable agriculture at the foot of the Andalusian mountains

After just under 20 minutes’ drive from B&B Finca La Toronja, you reach another beautiful white village (pueblo blanco), namely Guaro.

Guaro is a village at the foot of a mountain range linked to the Sierra de las Nieves, recognised by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

It is also a place in the middle of Andalusia where nomads decided to settle in the past because of the beauty and potential of the area.

What you should definitely see in the white village of Guaro

Not only the surroundings of Guaro are beautiful. The white village itself is also home to numerous gems worth visiting. Several miradors (viewpoints) offer panoramic views of the fields around Guaro.

With its olive and almond trees set against a background of bleached-white houses, this is a typical example of the Mediterranean style so characteristic of Andalusia and the Pueblos Blancos.

A treat for your senses

A walk through Guaro’s narrow village streets offers you the chance to get an idea of what life is like in this kind of Andalusian village. Your senses will be stimulated by the typical southern Spanish smells and colours, you will see the people in their everyday surroundings.

Traditional fiestas in Guaro

Every year on 3 May, Guaro celebrates the ‘Día de la Cruz’ (Day of the Cross). You will then discover a beautiful, multicoloured and typically Andalusian procession from the church of San Miguel to La Ermita (Hermitage), while carrying a cross entirely decorated with flowers. This route offers spectacular panoramic views of the countryside around Guaro, the Sierra de las Nieves and the valley of the Guadalhorce.

In September, the famous festival ‘La Luna de Mora’ takes the village of Guaro by storm. The narrow streets are then atmospherically lit with tealights. Thousands of people come from Malaga and far beyond from all over Andalusia to enjoy this fiesta. You really must experience this typical Andalusian fiesta with its unique atmosphere! And of course, Bed & Breakfast Finca La Toronja  in Coín is your ideal base for it.

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