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La Noche en Blanco Málaga 2023

A night of art and culture in Málaga

Saturday 20 May 2023 is all about art, culture and entertainment. More precisely: from 19:00 in the evening until 1:00 at night, there will be all sorts of things to do in the historic centre of Málaga. From shows and performances to monuments and museums, there is plenty to do during the 14th edition of Málaga’s culture night. The 2023 theme: “la buena vida”.

Performances on the streets – historic centre of Málaga

In Málaga’s historic centre, you will walk from performance to performance this evening and night. Artists create new art on the spot or display their artistic work on the street. Stage managers and actors provide street theatre and musicians perform all kinds of different musical styles. So you can meet a hip band on a street corner or a pianist in front of the cathedral. Everything is possible during this cultural night.

Free visits to museums and monuments

This night, also visit one of the many museums that open their doors for free for the occasion. Famous museums taking part in this night include the Picasso museum, the Carmen Thyssen museum and Museo Revello de Toro.

But many monuments can also be visited for free. A tip: visit the Alcazaba, the best-preserved Moorish fortress in Spain. In the evening, this fortress is fairy-tale-lit.

Do plan for yourself which museums or monuments you want to visit, allow enough time and be there on time. Free admission often causes long queues.

Shows for young and old

As usual in Spain, of course the children just come along to La Noche en Blanco. There are often performances for children. There is laughter, dancing and singing in the streets, everyone joins in merrily. The Malagueños love this night. This is the opportunity to get to know Málaga from a different side.

Finca La Toronja is the perfect base

In short, an atmospheric night with lots of dance, music, literature and art in a nice casual atmosphere. Come and join us! From Finca La Toronja it is only a 25-minute drive to Málaga, the perfect base for an evening of culture.

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