White villages

Within a radius of 10 to 45 km from Finca La Toronja are ten typical white villages, all with their own peculiarities. The special thing about these villages is that they are all located in the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves. This natural park was declared a nature reserve by the Andalusian parliament in 1989. In 1995, it was added to UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves. In 2018, the area was made the sixteenth national park of Spain.

The white villages that we are going to describe in several blogs, are located on two important routes towards the coast and inland. Both routes are highlighted by the travel guides as picturesque. If you drive from Finca La Toronja towards the Costa del Sol – Marbella via the A-355, you will find the villages of Monda, Guaro, Ojén and Istán. If you drive through the center of Coín towards Ronda, you will pass Alozaina, Casarabonela, Tolox, Yunquera and El Burgo.

We advise you to take several days to visit the white villages. In the coming months we will tell you more about what can be seen in these villages.

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